Monday, 13 May 2019 18:02

The tax for self-employed can be paid for the sms

Payment of uniform cumulative payment was made simpler — now users of mobile operators Ksell and Beeline will be able to pay ESP through the SMS. Reported about it in the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the population. [Profit]

For payment it is necessary to send the SMS to number 5505 with the text of "gorodesp IIN" (for residents of the cities of republican value, the capital and regional value) and "seloesp IIN" (for residents of other settlements). For example: gorodesp 1234567890. The current month will be the period of payment, the commission makes 100 tenges.

The amount of payment for residents of Astana, Almaty, Shymkent and also the regional centers is 1 MRP, in 2019 it is 2525 tenges. For residents of all other settlements the ESP size is 0.5 MRP, or 1262.5 tenges.

The uniform cumulative payment is intended for natural persons who carry out activity for receiving income, at observance of the following conditions: do not use work of hired workers; render services for natural persons. At the same time limit income for calendar year should not exceed 1175 MRP in a year (in 2019 — 2 966 875 tenges).

ESP will not extend to citizens who:

— render services in the territory of shopping centers;

— are engaged in private practice;

— provide rooms for rent, except for the dwelling;

— are foreigners and persons without citizenship, except for oralman;

— have registration of the individual entrepreneur (IE).

Payment of uniform cumulative payment is also available cash or non-cash payment through the banks and the organizations which are carrying out separate types of bank operations on the bank account of the The Government for Citizens State corporation.